Thark Ridge Slab

Bushwalk to a section of Thark Ridge in Wellington Park, Tasmania
Thark Ridge  Mist near Montagu from Thark Ridge Thark Ridge  Old cairn marking route down a rock slab ridge Off Thark  View down the rock slab with Devils Throne  beyond the plain View Back  View back up from where we descended Thark Ridge
Waratah  Waratah on Thark Ridge Cairn  Lower rock cairn and it was of reasonable age Waratah  Close view of Waratah Waratah  Waratah on slopes of Thark Ridge
Old fire trail  A clear section of the old fire trail Devils Throne Plain  Flora on plain to Devils Throne with numerous Epacris and Orites bushes.  Collins Bonnet is in the background TeaTree  TeaTree (Leptospermum) hugging rock on Thark Ridge Orchids  A group of orchids growing close together protected by surrounding rocks side of Thark Ridge.