South Wellington 2015

Bushwalk to South Wellington Plateau in Tasmania
Hutchisons Fireplace  Hutchinsons Fireplace , known as fireplace 1 (of 3)  Built by surveyor H. R. Hutchison c. 1900 whilst doing watershed surveys Hutchisons Fireplace  Hutchisons Fireplace South Wellington  South Wellington plateau with the two rocky prominences visible on horizon. South Wellington plateau  Tarn on South Wellington plateau
South Wellington  On first prominence  looking south South Wellington  Rock on top sth Wellington lookout Cathedral Rock  Cathedral Rock Lookout  View to southern rock stack lookout
Lookout  South lookout on Wellington Plateau South Wellington  Rock stack on lookout South Wellington Rock  Rock split into three parts Lower shelf  View down to lower shelf and showing Channel
Momtagu Thumbs  Momtagu Thumbs with Cathedral Rock at far left Woodland  Rest and drink break Snow Berry  Snow Berry Gaultheria hispida : bushwalk, bushwalking, mountains, outdoors, Tasmania