Huntingdon Tier

Bushwalk to Huntingdon Tier west of Dysart
Farmland  near bushline Eucalypts with understorey First siting of overhangs and cliffs Cliff passed during descent on north east face
Cave and cliffs on south west side  over narrow gully The large overhang Narrow gully Fretted overhang roof
View back to where we came down from Yellow lichen Overhang and Dave Overhang and Dave and Chris
Colour of roof On the floor, Chris, Greg B and Greg K Roof pattern Small creek coming in from side
Another overhang Large overhang opn eastern side Where the creek flows Cliifs
In tghe large overhang Dave View back to the first overhang we had visited Roof pockets A side gully  same as previously viewed from other end
Rocky area at the top View into the gully of the overhangs Small cave Western side of Huntingdon Tier
Edge of tier A myriad of small gums Another cave An open area being reclaimed by silver wattles
Party heading to an old dam Eucalypt trunk on rock Second and larger cleared site, also being reclaimed by the bush Partly open country  on way to the high point on Huntingdon Tier
Huntingdon Tier summit with Chris on top Several flat rock platforms passed on descent