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Fenton Webster Track

IMG_0917 Cheesberry
IMG_0918 Pine-leafed Daisy-bush.
IMG_0919 Pine-leafed Daisy-bush.
IMG_0923 Pleasant section of track besdie lake Fenton
IMG_0924 Lake Fenton from Kangaroo Moor
IMG_0925 Moss covered rock Kangaroo Moor
IMG_0926 Baeckea leptocaulis
IMG_0927 Baeckea leptocaulis
IMG_0929 Lemon-scented Boronia,
IMG_0930 Lemon-scented Boronia,
IMG_0931 Lemon-scented Boronia,
IMG_0932 Cheesberry Cyathodes glauca
IMG_0933 Lemon-scented Boronia
IMG_0934 Eucalypt on Kangaroo Moor
IMG_0935 Boronia citriodora Lemon-scented Boronia
IMG_0936 Track as it descends to Lake Webster
IMG_0939 Dobson creek at crossing
IMG_0945 Tea tree
IMG_0946 Cheesberry Cyathodes glauca
IMG_0948 Camp site used in past
IMG_0949 Clourful lichen on rock
Bushwalk along the Lakes Fenton to Webster track in Mount Field National Park, Tasmania

   Route in Google Earth

Details of the bushwalk

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